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Restore American Civil Flag Plan Bumper Sticker
The Restore America Plan is the unanimous Declaration of the sovereign People of the united States of America to restore and re-inhabit the free American Republics. It is a plan to bring back the de jeur government, in-law in a state of financial solvency. Freedom is debt-free using Gold and Silver as the real money or sound money in terminal of Ron Paul. It is a re-institution of American common-law and the Free Sovereign Nation states as defined in the Articles of Confederation. You shall be a State inhabitant residing on the land, not a statutory Federal Person under the jurisdiction of Admiralty law or Roman Civil Law. The Restore America Plan is alleged to have the backing of the U.S. Military as the means of enforcement. The U.S. Civil flag has un-officially being used as a symbol for RAP. What we are attempting to do is reverse the law 180 degrees, flip it right side up again and the Civil flag image aids the process greatly. A bumper sticker will be seen by thousands of people both consciously and unconsciously. It is very important to get this image out more in the general population. It will help break the grip of the mainstream media has on the American public.

Bumper sticker dimensions 11.5" x 3"

1 RAP Bumper Sticker $5.95
2 RAP Bumper Stickers $10.50
10 RAP Bumper Stickers $45.00
25 RAP Bumper Stickers $105.00 ($4.20 Each)
100 RAP Bumper Stickers $365.00 ($3.65 Each)
200 RAP Bumper Stickers $595.00 ($2.98 Each)

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