The Sons of Liberty inspired a Revolution that broke the chains of royal control over people yearning to be free. The flag they flew was red and white, with the stripes running vertically! Their flag became known as the "Rebellious Stripes" and was a symbol of their protest against British taxation and support of American economic freedom.

Their original flag can still be seen at the Boston Museum. Their flag stood for LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS! It is the flag that inspired the revolution that created the united states of America.

But the flag they created was much MORE than just a banner for revolutionaries! Their flag created a dream in people all around the globe... a dream that said, "You too can take destiny into your own hands and become the master of your own fate!"

Their flag is a flag of peaceful, strong, brave and generous people. It's a flag that says we KNOW the TRUTH of our origin as a nation. It's a flag that says each human has the right to stand on the strength of their own two feet and be supported by the common knowledge of the land... THE COMMON LAW!

Grab onto this flag!

It's MORE than a flag! It's a symbol of the dream of the Sons of Liberty... the Founders of the united states of America! It's our COMMON heritage. It ties us together is a way that cannot be broken! You don't even have to BE an American to share this dream! Cry FREEDOM is the dream!!

FREEDOM from the cruelty of the King! Freedom from the injustice of the taxman! Freedom from an oppressive government! Freedom from despots! Freedom from "The Patriot Act!"

We can't let the dream die! We must RESTORE THE DREAM! We must take back our history, our constitution, our destiny AND our FLAG... the flag of our rebellion against tyranny, the flag of our FREEDOM!

Fly the u.s. civil flag and tell the world YOU know the united states of America was NEVER intended to go down the corporate road! You know the truth about our history! You know about the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights!! And you KNOW how they were stolen from the people!