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U.S. CIVIL FLAG 3x5 feet
Heavy-knit Polyester Print

1 for $31.97 Buy 1 get 1 free thru the end of 2019!
2 for $59.97 ($29.99 Each)
4 for $110.00 ($27.50 Each)
10 for $249.97 ($24.95 Each)



1 for $8.97
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5 for $35.97

     For the hardcore patriot, who's not afraid of showing his colors. Thank God, I do not own a car,.. I mean lease it from the state government. Here's a secret though, most people will not even notice that it is not Old Glory. The good news is that they are still getting the  message of freedom and personal responsibility



1 for $4.50
2 for $8.50
5 for $19.97

    For the Patriot that resides in a corporate environment or as a remainder at home what is the meaning of the word freedom.



Miniature US Civil Flags
Smaller version of the US Civil Flag.
Dimensions are 6"x9"

1 for $3.25
2 for $6
6 for $14
12 for $26

* Wholesale and Quantity discounts available

Civil Flag Pins- 3/4 inch cloisonne High polished gold
plated pins with 8mm flag post. The Civil flag
represents the flag of Peace and Sovereignty.
1 for $4.95
4 for $16
10 for $35

Civil Flag Arm Patches
2"x3" Nylon 100% embroidered. The Civil Flag is fast becoming the Symbol of the second American Revolution. The emblem of choice of Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Hippies and Pacifists and of course the much maligned Militia.

1 for $4.95
2 for $9
6 for $25
12 for $44

* Wholesale and Quantity discounts available

Sons of Liberty Patches
The "Rebellious Stripes" flag created by Samuel Adams and Sons Of Liberty in Boston in 1767 for the Stamp Act rebellion. The Sons of Liberty flag was simply a Red and White vertical striped flag. It was the first flag of the American revolution. The flag's origins have been traced back to the Vikings and even earlier to the tribe of Dan. A Viking long boat ship named the Drakur flew the flag. The "Rebellious stripes" flag was hung on the Liberty tree in Boston. The Sons of Liberty flag represents the Spirit of the American Revolution before the Corporate interests of the British East India company intervened.

1 for $4.95
2 for $9
6 for $25
12 for $44

* Wholesale and Quantity discounts available

Templar Prosperity Patch

3 inch 100% Embroidered with metallic thread. This is an image of an Ancient Knight Templar Prosperity symbol now being brought out by Raye Allan of She is the legal Heir to the Exiled Hapsburg Empire. There also is a Templar
y Meditation that can be downloaded for free.

1 for $5.95
6 for $29.95
12 for $52

A Foreign Policy of Freedom- Ron Paul
Written by Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul. “Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship with All Nations- Entangling Alliances with None.” Thomas Jefferson First Inaugural Address, 1801. Dr. Ron Paul is a true Jeffersonian libertine as all the original founding fathers were Libertines which is the root of the modern day Libertarian party.

Ron Paul’s singular voice on foreign affairs has done so much to keep the flame of a consistent liberty burning in times when it might otherwise have been extinguished. He has drawn public attention to the ideas of the Founders. He has alerted people to the dangers of empire. He has linked domestic and foreign affairs through libertarian analytics, even when others have been bamboozled by the lies or too intimidated to contradict them. He has told the truth, always. For this, every American, every citizen of the world is deeply in debt. In fact, I’m willing to predict that a hundred years from now and more, when all the current public office holders are all but forgotten, Ron Paul’s name will be remembered as a bright light in dark times.

We can’t but be deeply grateful that Ron Paul’s prophetic words have been collected in this book. May it widely be distributed. May its lessons be absorbed by this and future generations. May this treatise stand as an example of how to fight for what is right even when everyone else is silent. May it always be regarded as proof that there were men of courage alive in the first decade of the third millennium.


Declaration of Independence
On Antique Parchment folded in an envelope.


6 Foot Flag Pole with Eagle

Set includes:
( 1 ) 2 pieces of silver-colored high carbon steel, outer diameter is 3/4", total length is 72".
( 2 ) 1 metal bracket with 3 screws. Fits on 3/4" pole.
( 3 ) 1 "never furl device" fits on 3/4" pole.
( 4 ) 1 plastic golden eagle top w/ plastic flag clip.


Civilflags Baseball Cap
100% embroidered all cotton Caps with adjustable cotton and metal bands. I like to collect Baseball caps and decided to add the Civil Flag to my collection. The Civil flag represents a government under it’s own sovereign control, financially. We have been in debt since the Civil War, and bankrupt since 1933, with the revocation of the Gold standard, HJR-192, by that wonderful Communist FDR. “...every obligation, heretofore or hereafter incurred, whether or not any such provision is contained therein or made with respect thereto, shall be discharged upon payment, dollar for dollar, in any coin or currency which at time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts..." -- House Joint Resolution 192

The Bretton –Woods agreement in 1944 was the actual Bankruptcy of the U.S. government. With the impending $850 Billion dollar theft by Paulson and Bush, it is now more important to understand the difference between a Sovereign and a debtor slave. The Civil Flag image breaks the blind allegiance to active evil. Mass Mind control operates with a traumatizing event followed by the programming with an image. A thousand flags waved in your face and a whistle being blown to go chase after foreign terrorists in an Oil rich region just distracts you from finding the Truth. My hope is that the Civil flag image helps us to wake up to the Evil right under our noses.


$44.00 For 2 Caps *

Click here for: Civil Flag Ski Caps


abolish the federal reserve Abolish The Federal Reserve!

Abolish the fed like the good old days when people hid their money under their mattress and considered bankers
akin to criminals of the highest order. If you live in NYC like me you may be able to slap one of these bumper stickers on the car of an evil wall street tycoon or some low level banker sycophant. Did you know the federal was created on christmas eve in 1913 with about a dozen members of congress present? Just because we have lived under the shadow of the fed for all of our lives does not mean that one day soon the glitter of gold will return as a basis of sound money.





Declaration of Independence
The Law of the land, period. Oldest law prevails, Black’s law dictionary. It is the oldest American contract, it created American Independence. It established the concept of Natural law as expounded by Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. It advocates Revolution, not change, it leaves the door open for future revolution if the government becomes corrupt and turns against the interests of the people. Thank God that has not happened…Taxes today are not 40% of all wealth from the cellphone tax, the income tax, Social Security tax to the lawful sin taxes; this is greater than the tribute paid to the lords by the Serfs in the middle ages. The founding fathers were pissed about paying a tea tax and a tax on documents. We don’t get pissed, we take meds, long live the Republic!


U.S. Constitution
On Antique Parchment folded in envelope. This document is not the Law of the land as it is commonly referred to by Americans, even by Ron Paul. The Constitution is the limits of the government. The central government essentially has only two powers to provide for the defense of the sovereign nation states and to regulate commerce between the Sovereign nation states. 95% of the cases brought to the U.S. supreme court are invalid due to lack of jurisdiction. The state supreme courts are supposed to be superior in cases dealing with inhabitants within the Sovereign nation states as defined in the Articles of confederation. The removal of the Gold standard and the Common law has essentially gutted the concept of the Bill of Rights which is an extension of the Natural law concept found in the declaration. The first three letters, WE THE PEOPLE in big bold letters is a reiteration of the idea that the People, are now the Sovereign and have the Rights of the King. The Royal We; get it,… apparently we don't that's the problem.
$3.95 *


Articles of Confederation
Antique parchment folded in envelope. The Articles are the second oldest law in American jurisprudence. The articles of Confederation are still in effect; they have not been nullified by the U.S. Constitution as most people think and as BAR attornies would like you to believe. The 13th Amendment was created to eliminate the parasitic influence of the BAR Attornies. The BAR Attornies now seize your wealth and your health through the use of Admiralty law abrogating the Common Law. All of the legal documents in these united states have be written to harmonize with one another. There are no conflicts. The U.S. Constitution needs to be seen in the context of the Articles and the Declaration as the foundation of the information contained within the Constitution. The Articles defines the term, inhabitant which is another name for a Sovereign citizen; they actually use the term “White” inhabitant, which has led to the downfall of the American Republic. Since the founding fathers never resolved the philosophical and legal problems inherent within the slavery issue right at the beginning of the Republic, the British Bar attorneys were able to turn Rights into Privileges with the ruling on the 14th Amendment in the Dred Scott case which created a secondary class of citizen called a U.S. citizen. A corporate fiction which would be later used as a basis for the UCC in the 1950's.
$3.95 *


Northwest Ordinance of 1787
This is the guiding document to admit new states to the Union. No state shall be superior to another, all are equal. On Antique Parchment folded in an envelope.
$3.95 *


Three Documents of Freedom
Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and The
Bill of Rights on Antique Parchment.
$8.95 *


The Constitution That Never Was.
How the American People have been CONNED by Lawyers. Ralph Boryszewski
Read about the takeover of the American Government from the first Constitutional Congress by the agents of the British Government, the Esquires! The Lawyers infiltrated all branches of the American government simutaneously corrupting the principal of a Government for the People by the People. We were supposed to have a lay government run by the commoners, yes including the Supreme Court Justices. Shakespeare was right, Kill all the Law....



An Opus, an historical review of American Banking, the answer to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Crashmaker's can be read as a novel or a textbook, it contains virtually everything you need to become a trully informed American Patriot defending the Republic from the New World Order. A visionary novel of Shakespearean proportions, a must, must read if you consider yourself even remotely an American. Break the brainwashing of the socialist public school system, see character valued over compromise. To be a patriot today, you need heroism, courage, valour and the cunning of a coyote. Crashmaker can be your role-model, your consort, your confessor and even your prophetic leader. To be an American in the true and original intent of our founding fathers, you will need to become a radical, breaking from the consensus group mind.
The tyranny in America is a tyranny without walls, unseen subtle manipulation undermining the American Spirit, chipping away at the foundation of the core ideaology of self-reliance and private ownership.

With Ron Paul running for President, this novel could not be more timely. A how to book to destroy the Federal Reserve and restore a Constitutional Republic. A must read for any Ayn Rand fan, seems like the natural sequel to Atlas Shrugged. This is a first edition copy only 3000 printed. On Mel Gibson's desk, may become a blockbuster film.

Crashmaker is a 2 volume hard cover set over 1700 pages. Both a reference book and a novel.



The Great Betrayal
The General Welfare Clause of the Constitution.
A 36 page phamplet written by Eustace Mullins protege of Ezra Pound and writer of the Secrets of the Federal Reserve, the original book spurring the revival of the common law movement and the reinstitution of Jeffersonian principals over the fraudulent Federalist movement. This incredible phamplet hits the target to show how the internationalists/Communist infiltrators within our government, have perverted the General Welfare clause of the united States to create a Welfare state based on emtitlements and priviledges rather than a nation based on the rule of law and Rights. A must read for the aspiring patriot, will shed light on the lies of the judicial dragons.





The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
AutographedBy Eustace Mullins, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force in WWII and a protege to Ezra Pound. Ezra Pound, the controversial poet who was jailed by FDR for speaking out about Pearl Harbor being an act of Treason staged by FDR and the International bankers to push the U.S. into the War against Germany and Japan. Ezra Pound commissioned Eustace Mullins in 1948, to dig up the dirt on the International Gangsters while being held a political prisoner for 13 years in an Federal Insane Asylum.
Eustace is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force during WWII and happened to work at the Library of Congress (Nice!). The original book was published under the title Mullins on the Federal Reserve; it was the first published revelation of the secret meetings being held at Jekyll Island by the Bankers who were to draft the Federal Reserve act in 1913. The creation of the Creature known as Federal Reserve has led to the demise of the American Republic. The edifices that have been erected on the backs of the Federal Reserve are the Raw Deal instituted by the traitor FDR and the creation of Monopoly money aka Federal Reserve notes, which has reduced the value of the dollar to 2% since 1913. The use of Federal Reserve notes abrogating the Gold standard which was rescinded by the traitor FDR on April 5, 1933 has led the American People into complete bondage and servitude. Thomas Jefferson once said, "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs."
The Secrets of the Federal Reserve is the book that has started the modern day patriot movement in America, it may be the sole reason that the American Republic is eventual restored intact with the return of a metal-based currency. Disclosed in the "Secrets" are the connections of the Federal Reserve to the House of Rothschild, the British Crown and Adolph Hitler. It explains the mechanism upon which the Federal Reserve a private banking cartel creates money out of "thin air". Mr. Mullins has of course been harassed for over 50 years by our wonderful government and is near penniless after numerous court battles, threats on his life and even kidnapping. He has even been declared mental incompetent, I guess as a tribute to his mentor Ezra Pound. These copies are Eustace's private stash which has been finally freed up. All the copies purchased here will be autographed by Eustace himself who is still alive and kicking. This is a piece of authentic American history from a True Hero. You of course will also be supporting Eustace directly with any book purchases. To end with the immortal words of Andrew Jackson, the man who stopped the Gangsters, "You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the eternal God, I will rout you out."




Civil Flag Patriot Postcards.
Civil Flag drapped over the Capitol Building. The Declaration of Independence, super-imposed. Restore the Dream, Fly the Flag!
13 for $5.00
25 for $7.50

13 cards
25 cards



Civil Flags Brochure
Free download.




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    The U.S. Civil Flag created in 1799 by Secretary of the Treasury Oliver Wolcott to represent Civil jurisdiction for Custom Houses and Coast Guard cutters. This flag represents the Common Law of a Sovereign nation at peace. The Civil flag was soon adopted by merchants to represent Sovereign Land ownership and Common Law jurisdiction. Due to it's expense the civil flag never caught on among the greater populace which still flew the War flag representing Martial or Admiralty law.

    The Civil flag's Origin extends back to the Sons Of Liberty in Boston who flew the "rebellious stripes"; a vertical stripe flag in rebellion against the Stamp act imposed by Britain in 1767. The Sons of Liberty flag was the flag that inspired the Revolution! It's sibling the U.S. Civil Flag is the True Constitutional flag of the American Republic during peacetime, in-law under God. Admiralty Law- The Law of the Sea, is also the Law of Commerce, the key being that one is "guilty until proven innocent" The state can be a party to a contract and seize property for international statutory infractions and debts. Currently the IRS is acting as a collection agency for the private banking cabal known as the Federal Reserve.

    Common Law: The Law of the Land, the main premise being; "innocent until proven guilty", the state cannot be a party in a contract, only another living soul can charge a Sovereign individual. Property is protected by Unalienable rights derived from God. The Constitution of these united states rests upon the Common Law not the Admiralty laws of seizure.

All Rights Reserved
"Without Prejudice UCC1-207"

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