U.S. Civil Flag Stickers 6"x3.5

flag sticker
U.S. Civil Flag Stickers represent the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of the Unincorporated, "The united States of America". To restate in slightly different vernacular, this flag represents "The Continental United States" and stems from the Continental Congress based in Philadelphia, before the creation of the Incorporated version that currently resides in the District of Columbia. These flag stickers can be used to privatize your home or Car, backed up by your paperwork correction. Utilizing the Stars and Stripes, although patriotic in sentiment, actually makes you a military target. Schools and Hospitals that fly the Stars and Stripes can be legally considered a military target by enemies of the American People. False flags can happen in locations where the Stars and Stripes are flown, but not where the U.S. Civil Flag, the Land Jurisdiction flag is flown.
Right now, we face massive ignorance as virtually everyone has not heard of our true history and does not know how jurisdictions apply, this includes all public employees, law enforcement, government agents. One of the most revolutionary acts you can do is simply display the U.S. Civil Flag sticker on your Car or home where it can be seen. It is part of the massive re-education process that needs to take place before we can re-boot the correct form of Government and truly become free to seek Happiness.
***Larger Quantity Flag Stickers are available discounted prices. Email me at: uscivilflag@gmail.com.

Flag sticker dimensions 6" x 3.5"

1 Flag Sticker $3.95
2 Flag Stickers $5.50
5 Flag Stickers $11.00
10 Flag Stickers $17.00

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