Nylon 3x5 with sewn stars Pahrump, Nevada

civil flag

This is a double knit nylon flag with sewn stars perfect for outdoors.
Flying the Civilian Flag represents the Land jurisdiction of the Unincorporated, "The united States of America continental congress. The actual Unincorporated government was restore on Jan 6th 2016 by James Clinton Belcher and Anna Von Reitz. James Belcher is a descendant of the original sovereign of The united States of America Unincorporated. He and his wife have restored the Land and Soil jurisdiction of all 50 Nation States. The original Continental Congress is now being set up, ultimately in Philadelphia where it originally resided. The U.S. Civilian Flag is a peacetime civilian flag that denotes that you are a private citizen of the state with private property including your person's as well as your home or automobile.
     There is a massive re-education of the American people that is taking place from the ground up all across America. Flying the Civilian Flag begins to remove the deception that has been perpetrated on us since the Civil War by the Vatican and the British Crown. The important part is that the Civilian flag removes your home, vehicle or person from becoming a military target. The Stars and Stripes is a war flag that is supposed to be limited to military vessels and installations or during Wartime. We have been stuck in the Reconstruction since 1864, is it not about time, we reclaim our country and our inheritance?
    Our biggest enemy is ignorance since we have all been hoodwinked by Bar attorneys and their political accomplishes. The good news is that the 50 state Republics have already been re-installed on paper and organizations such as the UN have been stopped cold normal Americans that reside on the Land. One of the most profound Revolutionary Acts that you can do is simply Fly the Flag and begin the re-education process with yourself and your fellow American.

U.S. Civilian Flag Nylon 5'x3' (Outdoor)

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    The U.S. Civilian Flag created in 1799 by Secretary of the Treasury Oliver Wolcott to represent Civilian jurisdiction for Custom Houses and Coast Guard cutters. This flag represents the Common Law of a Sovereign nation at peace. The Civilian flag was soon adopted by merchants to represent Sovereign Land ownership and Common Law jurisdiction. Due to it's expense the civil flag never caught on among the greater populace which still flew the War flag representing Martial or Admiralty law.

    The Civilian flag's Origin extends back to the Sons Of Liberty in Boston who flew the "rebellious stripes"; a vertical stripe flag in rebellion against the Stamp act imposed by Britain in 1767. The Sons of Liberty flag was the flag that inspired the Revolution! It's sibling the U.S. Civilian Flag is the True Constitutional flag of the American Republic during peacetime, in-law under God. Admiralty Law- The Law of the Sea, is also the Law of Commerce, the key being that one is "guilty until proven innocent" The state can be a party to a contract and seize property for international statutory infractions and debts. Currently the IRS is acting as a collection agency for the private banking cabal known as the Federal Reserve.

    Common Law: The Law of the Land, the main premise being; "innocent until proven guilty", the state cannot be a party in a contract, only another living soul can charge a Sovereign individual. Property is protected by Unalienable rights derived from God. The Constitution of these united states rests upon the Common Law not the Admiralty laws of seizure.

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